Because of you, thousands of students have had transformative experiences. Since 1999 you've returned them to their families and communities to live up to the promise of being our future leaders. Over the last 20 years you've helped The Island School evolve from a startup study-abroad academic field trip into a pre-K through Ph.D. community. And your ambitions for us have stayed high: change education, apply science, grow young people, foster collaboration, build communities, change lives. Because our organization doesn't have a big safety net your gifts are essential to secure our present and our future. And as a small organization your gift makes an outsized impact. We are super lean so your gift stretches even further.

Areas your gift supports:

  • Affordability at The Island School: financial aid awards to 30% of each class; you help meet all demonstrated family need giving other families a rare chance to experience the impact the place has
  • Access to The Island School: Through partnerships we recruit and support candidates from underserved communities for whom high-school study abroad options are out of reach
  • Campus and equipment that builds community, introduces us to the ocean, hosts science, and serves as our textbook for how to live well
  • Student academic performance at Deep Creek Middle School: 86% pass rate on the 2016 Bahamas Junior Certificate exam vs 50% national rate 2011-2015, made possible by great teachers and innovative curriculum
  • Transformative trajectories at Deep Creek Middle School: You contribute $400,000/year to support 45 students in grades 7-9; not only do they have roots in South Eleuthera, since 2001 27 graduates have won $5m+ in aid from private boarding schools
  • Great teachers, researchers, and staff: Bringing great talent to Eleuthera, or back to Eleuthera delivers high quality learning experiences, but is also a critical investment in our community and the local workforce: over 5 faculty alumni teach in the Bahamas, and over 40 staff alumni work in local businesses.
  • Professional development: training for teachers and access to visiting experts makes us better and expands our world
  • Partnerships: We are investing in local partnerships through science Gap Year experiences for Bahamian students with BREEF, ocean conservation programs with the Bahamas National Trust, teacher training and science research with the University of the Bahamas, workforce development with One Eleuthera and youth development with Space to Create.
  • Serving as a model: By welcoming school groups, teacher conferences, citizen scientists, and neighbors we weave their experiences into our story. And by sharing what we've learned together, we impact education and reinvest in our alumni.
  • Safeguarding our future: You've helped our board of directors prioritize a safety net - with an endowment sized about $5m in 2016- and reserve funds to buffer against unexpected shocks. Your efforts can create impact for generations
  • Our areas of highest need - your unbounded support challenges us to thrive and meet the next opportunities

You are invited!  Please join the thousands of people who are making a difference through Cape Eleuthera Foundation by giving a gift today.