Your support has fostered collaborations with several local organizations, and together we continue to make significant impact. Some of our partners have received in-kind or financial support directly from Cape Eleuthera Foundation:


Bahamas Reef Environment Educational Foundation

BREEF is a Nassau based marine conservation organization founded by Sir Nicholas Nuttall, who was also a founding board member of Cape Eleuthera Foundation. Sir Nick's visionary efforts to educate the public, teachers, students, and policymakers on marine protected areas and species protection opportunities have resulted, under the leadership of a former Island School teacher and Eleuthera native Casuarina McKinney-Lambert, in a new grouper protected season for the Bahamas and reinforced efforts to protect the amazing land and sea environment throughout the country. BREEF recruits students to participate in The Island School's Bahamas Environmental Stewards Scholarship (BESS) program, and places them in internships in Nassau after their semester program. 


South Eleuthera Mission 

Originally focused on the renovation of the beautiful former clinic and doctor's residence in Rock Sound into a community center and library, the ongoing programming and efforts to bring people together around community events and initiatives in South Eleuthera have been supported by Cape Eleuthera Foundation's giving community since 2006. Check out more about the South Eleuthera Mission on their website here.

One Eleuthera Foundation

By engaging directly with communities on Eleuthera, One Eleuthera Foundation has a track record of success addressing emergency services (fire and ambulance) needs, breast cancer screening, counseling, and treatment needs, environmental protection and conservation opportunities, arts and cultural events, and addressing economic development through vocational training. Cape Eleuthera Institute has helped host student nurses as well as church volunteers on expedition with One Eleuthera Foundation, and collaborated on education and conservation initiatives on Eleuthera. Island School teachers love the farmshares, community farms, and healthy food options that One Eleuthera supports! Check out more on their website here.