You can secure our future and join the Loggerhead Society by making a planned gift today.  

The Loggerhead sea turtle is one of the most well-known and respected ocean travelers.  They are often found on the shores surrounding Eleuthera and their presence is respected and honored. They are pillars of the aquatic community and are known for their long life span and global presence.  Members of the Loggerhead Society have committed to a long-term relationship with the Cape Eleuthera Foundation and the educational and research programs it supports. Any planned giving - including bequests, life-income arrangements, and other deferred gifts - qualifies membership in The Loggerhead Society. Gifts of this nature will go support the highest priority needs into the future —from scholarships, to research, to faculty, to facilities.

As Island School parents, you can join Chuck & Olga Paterakis, long time supporters of the Cape Eleuthera Foundation and parents of Kristin (F04), as inaugural members of the Loggerhead Society.  The Paterakis Family has generously donated to a range of projects in the past, most notably donating the leading gift for the Paterakis Dining Center in 2008. 

At least one of you alumni has made an anonymous planned gift, planning ahead for what we hope is a very distant future - and if you haven't yet committed to a planned gift, it would be ultimate expression of love to pay it forward to others down the road to experience the opportunity you did. We hope you'll reach out and let us know about your intention, so we can inspire others to join in. And THANK YOU!!! [whomever you are!]