Working and Living on Eleuthera

When the campus is the classroom, everyone is an educator.

The Center for Sustainable Development is a new undertaking at the Cape Eleuthera Island School that has a mandate to increase the efficiency, reliability and quality of our organization’s sustainable initiatives. Our goal is to be a model of sustainable living; our belief is that our campus is our greatest teaching tool where everyone is an educator.

While the Center is a new development, our organization’s commitment to sustainable living is not. We were the first to design and build a biodigestor in The Bahamas, the only organization in The Bahamas which has been granted grid tie-in capability for our renewable energy efforts, and designed and delivered a small scale bio-diesel facility which now powers our fleet of vehicles.

We’re an organization committed to socially responsible outreach that seeks to enhance awareness, facilitate discussion, and encourage action on a local and national level. We examine our community lifestyles, our professional partnerships, we question our consumerism. We’re an organization that demonstrates the opportunities in sustainable living, partnering with like minded organizations such as One Eleuthera, College of the Bahamas, Bahamian Technical and Vocational Institute, University of Miami, and others. We’re an organization that models environmental stewardship, constantly and consistently striving towards one planet living. Our environmental management projects have included mangrove restoration, constructed wetlands and artificial reef formation. Our renewable energy infrastructure and permaculture programs demonstrate our human consumption management. Now, we’re an organization that is looking for people that want to make a difference.