Find open positions with us or with the programs we support below:

Cape Eleuthera Foundation

Advancement Administrative Assistant

Admission and Alumni Associate

The Island School

Applications for 2018-2019 will be posted in January 2018. 

Dean of Academics

Histories Teacher

Environmental Art Teacher

Literature and Writing Teacher

Marine Ecology Teacher

Applied Mathematics Teacher

Summer Term Lead Teacher

Summer Term Alumni Mentor

Summer Term Residential Coordinator

Teaching Fellowship                                                                                                        (Literature and Writing, Histories, Applied Mathematics, Environmental Art, & Marine Ecology)

Chief Financial Officer

Deep Creek Middle School

Principal 2018-2019

Master Teacher 2018-2019

Teacher 2018-2019

Center for Sustainable Development
Sustainability Teacher
Sustainability Teacher – Aquaponics
Diesel Mechanic                                                                                                                          Photovoltaic Design Engineer

Early Learning Center

ELC Internship

Island School Outreach

Outreach Internship


We have a variety of internships available throughout our organizations. 

For internships at the Island School and Cape Eleuthera Institute, click HERE

For internships at the Center for Sustainable Development, click HERE


Cape Eleuthera Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity founded in 1997 to support education and research, and has established and supported educational programs starting with The Island School in March 1999. Our Boston-based team recruits students and raises funds to help young people realize their potential, gain perspective on cultures different than their own, and make a positive impact on their world. The Island School, Deep Creek Middle School, and Cape Eleuthera Institute are among the long-term projects awarded grants by our Board of Directors in accordance with our mission. Through these programs, high school students learn to live on a green campus powered by renewable energy and explore academics outside of traditional classroom walls. Local students from Eleuthera solve real-world problems as part of their middle school training. Researchers generate knowledge on resource management and sustainable development to inform local decision makers. We hope you will join us.