The Center for Sustainable Development was created in the belief that there is an opportunity to present all visitors, students and collaborators with an incredibly unique environment.

Cape Eleuthera's remote location has always demanded a high level of self-sufficiency. The size of our community here is ideal for proving out the viability of systems, and we hope to model living well in this place. We've been committed to environmental sustainability from the very beginning: the campus water supply is collected rainwater, we have the largest renewable energy system in the country (track it real-time here), and we are putting students to work on projects to dramatically reduce campus waste. We manufacture biodiesel to run campus vehicles, we deal with wastewater, and we help engineer the new spaces that support all of the amazing programs going on here. Ultimately, the Center for Sustainable Development aims to build upon these successes, look towards new challenges, and continue to educate in one of the world’s most sustainable classrooms: a green campus that serves as the textbook for student learning.