Cape Eleuthera Institute is a research facility that promotes a connection between people and the environment.

At Cape Eleuthera Institute the holistic approach to island ecosystems, our philosophy of collaboration and relationship building, and intrinsic bond between primary research and education helps to create models of effective resource management and sustainable development. In turn, these model systems help to enhance conservation initiatives and economic prosperity at local, regional, and global scales. Our scope of work includes delivering The Island School semester’s research program, hosting visiting educational programs and field courses for students in primary through graduate school, modeling green technologies that promote self-sufficiency, performing research and collaborating with outside scientists and other organizations in areas related to tropical ecology and sustainability, building local capacity through education, training programs, and hosting conferences. The facilities were built using sustainable design concepts; the built space is an educational tool in itself and fosters innovation. As one of the most eco-friendly campuses in the world, we is contributing to the national dialogue and policy-making efforts to encourage more sustainable development in The Bahamas and similar coastal communities around the world.